“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.”

- Ruth Reichl

While preparing lunch at age eight and after burning the noodles needed for the soup, I decided right there and then that I would learn all the ins and outs of cooking. This naturally led me to enroll in culinary school, where my culinary curiosity was encouraged and where my delight for menu planning and preparation developed. Since then I have worked in restaurants, private schools and households, retreat sites, and catering companies.

I have cooked for children, families, and individuals with autoimmune diseases or who are recovering from illnesses. My continued studies focus on healthy diets and nutrition, and the benefits of eating local and organic. Having lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, my menus focus on locality and seasonality. Hence my cuisine is wholesome, nutritious, and colorful. My professional experience cooking in retreat centers has translated into being greatly comfortable at creating multicultural menus for all occasions, with a focus on vegan and vegetarian meals. And my travels to India, Asia, and Europe continue to inspire and inform my recipes.

For all these reasons, and after cooking professionally for over fifteen years, I have come to approach food as the vehicle for fostering strong communities, meaningful relationships, and personal health. It is my pleasure nourishing others and focusing my skills in planning and providing meals that are beautiful, delicious, and healthy.

My Services

Customized personal chef service

Home cooked weekly meals prepared in your home and safely stored in your refrigerator. Meals consist of a three-portion entree and side dish. Service includes initial client consultation, a customized menu plan, grocery shopping, meal preparation and packaging complete with clear reheating instructions, and kitchen clean up.

Dinner parties

Enjoy the company of your guests with a delicious menu tailored just for your party needs.

Cooking Classes

From mozzarella making to full course dinners, classes are fun, simple, and a great way to come together with friends.

Gift certificates

A unique and delicious gift for newlyweds, housewarmings, birthdays, and any occasion!

Sample menus

Sample menus for personal chef service meals


spinach, raisins, and feta cheese frittata

persian frittata with mint and dill

palak paneer

indian spinach curry with cheese dumplings

eggplant parmigiana

baked layers of eggplant, ricotta, basil, and tomato

vegetable pad thai

with mint, tofu, and bean sprouts


gnocchi alla romana

baked semolina-based patties cooked in a lightly spicy tomato sauce

chickpea and fenugreek dumplings

aromatic patties made with chickpea flour

busiate with pesto alla trapanese

short-string pasta with eggplant and tomato pesto

sprouted chickpea socca crepes with cashew cream

sprouted chickpeas blended with spices and fresh herbs and served with a savory cashew cream


halibut en papillote

marinated in herbs and lemon and cooked in its own jus

asian sea bass

steamed with garlic, soy sauce, and sesame oil

trout picatta

pan fried with capers and lemon

roasted salmon

with caramelized balsamic shallots


chicken tinga tacos

chicken thighs braised in mexican spices and served with tortillas and taco condiments

roasted chicken with figs and pomegranate

chicken breast marinated in herbs and lemon and roasted with caramelized figs

coriander spiced chicken

chicken breasts cooked in an aromatic coconut sauce

ayam lemak

malay chicken curry with turmeric, lemongrass and lime leaves

Red meats

lemony lamb meatballs

roasted with lemon thyme and zest

beef barbacoa

slow cooked beef ribs or chuck eye roast marinated in chile paste and spices

peppercorn pork chops

marinated in a rosemary and black peppercorn rub

lamb tagine

slow cooked in moroccan spices, raisins, and olives

Side dishes

gujarati fall vegetables

broccoli, cucumber, and shaved pecorino salad

roasted summer squash with mint and anchovies

asian greens with garlic, ginger, and fish sauce

radish and cabbage slaw with cilantro dressing

slow roasted sweet potatoes with garlic labneh

curried carrot ginger soup

roasted cauliflower coconut soup with spiced ghee and pinenuts

Sample menus for entertaining

First course

peach, arugula, and hazelnut salad

with red wine vinaigrette

orange, avocado, and jicama salad

with cilantro dressing

zucchini veloutata

chilled zucchini and potato puree with oregano oil

Second course

spaghetti alla cacio e pepe con tartufo

pasta with black pepper and parmesan sauce, served with shaved truffled pecorino

heirloom tomato and burrata toast

sourdough toast with crushed tomato, burrata, and olive oil

beef tartare

with shaved apples, fennel, and crushed pink peppercorns

Main course

beef ribs braised in chocolate and cinnamon

with parmesan mashed potatoes and brown butter green beans

pan fried branzino

with crushed garlic fingerling potatoes, lemon parsley sauce and crispy capers

sesame crusted tempeh

with roasted oyster mushrooms and tomatoes


lemon verbena panna cotta

with shortbread and raspberry crumbs

flourless chocolate cake

with vanilla bean whipped cream

sage and pear tart tatine

with rum ice cream


How does your service works?

The first step will be to meet in order to discuss your needs and likes. We will go through an in-depth questionnaire so that I can understand your food preferences, lifestyle, schedule, health goals, and dietary needs. There will be opportunities to discuss packaging and/or service preferences, how to gain access to your kitchen, and how well you would like your kitchen and pantry to be stocked.

From this conversation, I will create customized menus for your approval. These menus will give me the information necessary to shop for all groceries needed, and I will then come to your kitchen on your scheduled cooking day to prepare the menu for the week or day.

Do I need to be home during the meal preparation?

It is up to you! During the initial consultation we will also discuss the appropriate arrangements for my visits.

What does the service cost?

My service fee is based on an hourly rate. Daily rates begin at $350. Prices vary depending on the number of meals per day or week. Groceries and any transportation - if needed - are charged separately.

What does the service price include?

It includes:
  • Client consultation, food questionnaire, and kitchen review.
  • Personalized menu research, planning, and creation.
  • Grocery shopping for the best and freshest ingredients.
  • Cooking, packaging, labeling, and safe storing.
  • Cleaning of the kitchen space and utensils used during the cooking hours.
  • Pantry items such as flours, sugars, herbs, and spices.
The cost of groceries is not included in the service price.

A few examples of individuals who can benefit from my Chef services

Extremely busy professionals, couples and individuals. Active families and new parents. Independent seniors. Individuals on special or restricted diets, or recovering from an injury or illness. People with health goals towards weight loss or weight gain.

Anyone who does not know or like to cook, but values the benefits of enjoying healthy and high quality meals.

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